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One of the ways search engines rank websites is by their popularity, or their visitor traffic. When you enter a search term in a search engine, it returns results in a specific order, and may return several pages of sites that meet your search terms. If a website ranks high with a search engine, then it appears on the first page of results, sometimes in the top spot, which is where every site wants to rank. When a website has a high rate of visitors, it is considered a popular site, which helps the website rank higher. But this only works for unique visitors. Each computer has it's own identifier which records it as a unique visitor. You can't get a high rank by using your computer and visiting your own site over and over again. But you can get a high rank if you get a lot of visitors using different computers. And that is only part of it. Many websites have ads on them, and the advertisers often pay the websites based on how much traffic they receive. The more traffic, the more money the website makes from the advertisers. So you can see why some websites want more traffic! A lot of them get paid by their advertisers just because they have a high level of traffic!

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Think of it this way. If an advertiser places an ad in your local hometown newspaper, they may only pay a few hundred dollars, because the local paper may only have a circulation of a few thousand. But that same ad placed in a large daily paper with several hundred thousand readers will cost thousands of dollars. The more readers a paper has, the more money the paper makes from ads. The strategy for these websites is the same, the more visitors, the more money they make. These sites may be company sites, home pages, informational sites, advertising sites, surveys, products, freebies, blogs, e-magazines, matchmaker sites, sports sites, or just about any kind of website anywhere in world that you can imagine. There will NEVER be a site of questionable nature, pornographic sites, illegal sites, offensive sites, or other objectionable sites.

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Because of how websites are ranked by search engines, websites want to build traffic and are willing to pay for it! They want visitors and traffic and high rankings! When you visit their website from your computer, they record a new visitor, and this will increase their popularity and ranking! And of course, don't get us wrong here, they also hope that while you're there you might want what they offer. But you never have to do anything but simply visit the site!

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